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"Distorted eyes when everything is clearly dying..."

Something is seriously wrong with me...not mentally..i know im screwed there already...but for the past couple of days ive felt like utter shit....i am tired yet i still cant sleep...my whole body aches but i havent gone to the gym in 5 days (every time i sit up straight my back gets extreme sharp pains all down it)..i feel like im going to throw up but i havent eaten in a couple of hours...I cant stop coughing and it hurts my throat and stomach so i cant sleep but i dont have a cold...every time i sit up i get mass dizzy spells and have to sit down...and i keep blacking out and cant remember how long i blacked out for. Like today i came home from town and i was sitting on my chair and then the next thing i know im laying on my bed and i had changed my clothes and i dont remember how i got there or how long i was lying there..i dont get it! I cant afford to get sick....i havent done any hw really yet and i have soooooo much to do...everything depends on the last six weeks...and i have more pressure than ever to get a really high TER seeing as i failed the medical exam cause im so dumb....i cant even cry cause i feel so exhausted and drained...and me feeling like shit isnt exactly helping my mood any...i dont want this anymore..i give in...i dont care...just make it...

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