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Scorched Earth Erotica..

Im filling this in cause i dont want to actually start hw....


- has someone ever told you that they love you?

- have you ever told someone that you love them?

- would you eat three spoonfuls of dogfood for $500?
Yes...cant be all that bad!! Just hold your nose and then when your done drink some alcohol

- do you like pepper? have you ever snorted it?
I LOVE pepper..havent snorted it..but i bet it would be funny...ive snorted wizz fizz..dont try it at home kiddies!

- would you pay me to jump into my pool in the middle of the night in the middle of winter? (payment must be more than 5 cents)
I agree with nicole..id do it for free

- would you ever shave off your eyebrows? for heaps of cash?
Yep...people keep telling me to do it anyway...and also i could do cool makeup as well!! (you can tell ill do anything for money!)

- who is the biggest lust of your life?

- what is the first thing you think when you wake up in the morning?
I want to go back to sleep

- what is your greatest acheivement to date?
Managing to retain my insanity

- what do you think you will be diong in 10 years time?
either being a psychologist (i hope) in reality...more probably i will be dead from excessive partying at the end of the year..and in fantasies married to the person who was mentioned 3 questions ago

- would you vote for me for president?
I would be a good president..my perfect utopia is that artists rule the world because they really speak for the people and that they have more influence over society than present day politicians...it wouldnt be a democracy tho..id be the dictator...hehe

- how much bribe will i need to pay you to vote for me?

- is this the worst quiz you have ever done?

- should i just shut up now?
ill leave that question up to you

- do you like sports? playing sport or watching sport?
fuck no to all of the above

- which on of kylie minogue's songs do you hate the most?

- name as many of the reindeers as you can.
rudolf, donner, dancer, prancer, blitzen, comet, cupid, vixen...shit...dont know...

- is that the end of this quiz?
apparently seeing as there is no more questions...dumb ass
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