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Words remain my only escape...

2 April
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My obsessions are high heels (and shoes in general), corsets, underwear, designer clothes (especially Jean Paul Gaultier my fav fashion desinger), anything gothic/morbid and twisted....

"I shall live by passion and not by law" --- Otep

1000 nightmares, a clockwork orange, a perfect circle, absinth, afi, aleister crowley, ali g, alice in wonderland, american pie, anton lavey, arch enemy, beetlejuice, bjork, blue velvet, books, bowling for columbine, breakfast club, cabert, casablaca, cat in the hat, chevelle, chimara, coal chamnber, cold, collide, cradle of fear, cradle of filth, cruel intentions, daria, david bowie, david lynch, dead man on campus, deftones, depeche mode, detroit rock city, devil driver, diatribe, dillusion, disturbed, donnie darko, doppelherz, dracula, dry cell, earshot, enemy of, equal minded, finding nemo, fiona apple, freaks, fredrich nietzsche, from hell, fuel, full frontal labotomy, gigs, godhead, godsmack, goldfrapp, gone with the wind, hatebreed, ill ninio, incubus, inflames, interview with the vampire, jack off jill, kidneythieves, killswitch engage, kittie, kmfdm, korn, lacuna coil, lamb of god, linkin park, living dead dolls, lost highway, ludacris, machine head, marilyn manson, maroon 5, martix, micheal buble, missy elliot, monster magnet, moulin rouge, mudvayne, mulholland drive, murderdolls, muse, nine inch nails, no doubt, nora jones, not another teen movie, nothingface, original sin, oscar wilde, otep, ozzy osbourne, pantera, party monster, partying, pj harvey, placebo, private parts, psycroptic, queen of the damned, quills, reqium for a dream, resident evil, robbie williams, romeo and juliet, rules of attraction, run lola run, saliva, secret window, sevendust, sex and the city, silverchair, slipknot, society 1, soilwork, south park, spineshank, staind, static x, stone sour, sunk loto, switchfoot, system of a down, taproot, the blank theory, the butterfly effect, the craft, the crow, the dissociatives, the elephant man, the labarynth, the nightmare before christmas, the o.c, the osbournes, tidal, tool, tori amos, trapt, truth corroded, wild at heart, yeah yeah yeahs