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"Surrender to pleasure...lost in ectasy"

So i brought the new issue of cosmo today (Gwen stefani on the cover looks soooo hot! She always does...how she does her makeup in the photo is how i want to do my makeup for summer..i love it) but anyway..in the sealed section there was thing thing about weird fetishes and i just HAD to put them in here! Enjoy...

Agalmatophilia - a fetish for status and mannequins

Apotemnophilia - turned on by the idea of losing a limb

Dendrophilia - sexual preference for trees (that gives new meaning to tree hugging!! Lol)

Emetophilia - Fetish for throwing up and being thrown up on

Formicophilia - Fetish for having small insects crawl on your genitals

Taphephilia - turned on by the idea of being buried alive

Oculolinctus - Fetish for licking a partners eyeballs

Axillism - Having sex with someones armpit

Kokigami - Kind of origami for the penis...kokigamists make paper uniforms (eg samurai outfits, dolphins etc) for their partners penis

OMG it cant get any stranger than that!!! But yes...nothing much has happned in this dull world...but anyway ill write a message to everyone cause i havent spoken to ppl in ages!!! Please reply!! I cant use the phone cause ppl are always on it!

Helen: How was the gig tues? Was Damian there? Lol...i wish you could come sat night...or is that a lie! Lol..but ill catch ya at school darling

Nicole: Will you come to a gig sat night at the uni bar? Its a cd launch for one of my fav adelaide metal bands...it will be fun and mass people going! Please??!! Let me know..what else is new? You didnt tell me how friday night went at church? Any new developments? Oh i hired the movie 'the principles of lust'...it was some crap british b-grade shit and the guy chose love in the end..how pathetic

Bernie: And will you come to the gig also?! It will be awsome! Hows the empty house going? I bet its not empty tho lol....miss you and havent seen you in ages. Hows jess? Did you guys like the living end?

Nikki: havent spoken to you in ages either! Hows steven? What have you been doing these holidays? Cant wait to catch up when school starts...

OHHHH but guess who keeps calling me? Mark! He wont leave me alone! I dont pick up of course but its annoying cause i wish it was actually someone i like who was calling me! AH leave me alone!!! Well sweeties...im off cause i have no interesting news (as per usual)...see you all nxt wk...
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