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The empty sounds of hate...

Life is false...reality is an image of the imagination. Insanity is living...illusion is real. Minds distort images to fit the desire of the person..we can step into the mirror and see ourselves. Through the looking glass the world is grey. Ouji boards do not talk to the dead, they talk to the living...the living are dead, but walk in their own savage garden. Suffering is the concious act of sympathy..happiness is a figment of a crystal ball...inside pandora's box lies apathy. We allow oursleves to become the victims through the desire for love...we imprison ourselves in cages made of broken glass. To break free we must bleed.

Nothing is ever achieved by stagnation. Revolution of the mind is not without sacrifice...to plunge in the icy waters of despiar is to awaken to the air of life. Depression is a solution. Suicide is freedom. War is peace. The internal battle for unconscious acknoledgement of misery results in a heightened awarness of illusion...hidden beneath the masquerade of therapy. A contradiction is true. A paradox contains the answer. The rubix cube is a puzzle that will never be solved...life is a maze where the end is never found. Humans create an illusion to deal with artifical reality. Eyes may be the window to the soul but where is the door? The only way out is through...the genius of art finds its sanctuary in the minds of children and lunatics...The radio is deaf..the tv is blind...literature is illiterate...the cycle of ignorance continues...spinning near the edge of abolition...

"My pilot light has flickered out
You've knocked me off the hook
The person you are trying to reach is no longer here

I'm a canvas that bleeds
And I'm painted with fingers
Childish pictures
Of me that still linger

Kill me, kill everyone,
You can let them all die
The only thing in this world that does not die is money

To be equal you have to add or subtract
and I have never liked math

The only thing original in this world is the way we destroy things
Everything has already been created so we can only dream of new ways of destroying them

People who want to be equal
Have lives that are filled with subtraction
And additions

My pupils are not students,
They dilate but they never learn

I want downloadable suicide

I want everything when I want it and I want it now
I want everything before I want it then I already wanted it
so I don't want it anymore

As you are listening, I want you to know, that you're nothing but a screen that I project my images of suffering,sorrow,pain,sex in the brief glimmer of happiness I find in the misery of those who are sitting in the theater of which this screen exists.

Love your enemy, because love is the enemy

The aspiration
To save the world
Is a morbid phenomenon
Of today's youth

We have reached the end of history
The only thing left is cosmetic changes"
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