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Shitty Chicken Gang Bang...

I did a little quiz...i thought it was quite amusing...thanks helen for the link...

Which Sex and the City Player Are You?

You're lustful and power-driven, unabashed and unafraid, you'll try anything once.

There is very little you will shy away from, you'll grab every opportunity, be it in the bedroom or the boardroom. You want to be Someone. Capital S. You love luxury and decadence and don't believe there should be any guilt in pleasure. You see what you want, you take it. Do now, ask questions later. Or maybe just skip the question-asking altogether ...

You do have quite the tendancy to be aloof and detached, verging on cold. You like to play with men, not date them. You have no intention of getting married. You think that guys should just go away quietly when you're done with them and quit trying to start relationships with you. You're just not the relationship kind. At least not now.

Inspite of your (sometimes questionable) treatment of men (although, some could call it fair play) you are as fiercly loyal and supportive of your friends as they are of you and that's what's really important. Samantha quotes:
"You've got to get online, honey. If only for the porn."

"There's not enough wall space in New York City to hang all my exes, but let me tell you, a lot of them were hung."

"What am I supposed to say? "Hi, this is my lesbian lover. And p.s.: I'm done with dick"?"

LOL.....AND....Which O.C. Character Are You?

HAhahahahahaha.....i thought that was quite funny...i feel like doing one of those surveys that send through email and it takes like 1 hour to do...does anyone have one of those!!! Im procrastinating as per usual...dont want to write maths notes and study....catch ya

"three dollars and fity cents" HAHAHAHAHAHA.....

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